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Prolit 600mg #60
As the means promoting improvement of a functional condition uro-system: At urolithic illne..
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Blessed Milkthistle extract #30
For many centuries extracts of milk thistle have been recognized as "liver tonics."30 tablets..
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Verbena - Chistie sosudy 0.46gr #20
      20 capsules   Chistie sosudy - BAD used to strengthen and rejuvenate the vesse..
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Stroinost Plus 50ml
This medication is used for weight control1 bottel 50 ml..
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Viardo (capsules) #60
Viardo is recommended for the normalization of urogenital system function. 60 capsules..
Chondroitin complex capsules #30
Used in arthritic condition and spondylosis of the spine30 Capsules..
Gepatrin (Heparin) gel 1000MO  30 gr.
A unique combination of components having hepatoprotector, holagogue and liver restoring pr..
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Svitanok 30ml

Biologically active food supplements - composition of biologically active substances intended for direct reception with food, or the introduction of the food produktov.Biologicheski active supplements to food, along with specialized foods are the most effective way to eliminate the deficit of vitamins, but only if the content of biological substances in doses that meet the physiological needs of man.