Illnesses of blood medications

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Tot`hema ampoules 10ml #20
Tothema 1ml  20 ampoules   Treatment and prevention of iron deficiency anemia i..
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Aescusan solution 20 ml
Aescusan solution (1 bottle 10 ml.) Medicine, used during disorders of venous circulation. Co..
Dicynone amp. 250 mg - 2 ml #5
Pharmacological action: Dicynone relates to agents acting on the cardio - vascular system. An..
Dicynone tablets 250 mg #10
  Pharmacological properties:   Pharmacodynamics. Dicynone is a means..
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Ferrum Lek solution 100 mg-2 ml ampoules #5
Ferrum Lek is contraindicated in the following conditions and diseases: Increased sensitivity to any..
Ferrum Lek tablets 100 mg #30
preventive maintenance in period of pregnancy30 tablets 100 mg..
Recormon injections 2000ME #6
 6 injectors 1000M   Recormon (Epoetin) is used to treat severe anemia. &nb..
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Blood - a fluid tissue in the body, consisting of the liquid part - plasma and dissolved form elements - red blood cells, white cells and platelets.
The cellular composition of healthy human blood is fairly constant. True matched medicine can help in a variety of problems.