Immune system medications

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Propolis tincture 25 ml #1
Propolis is a natural substance collected by honey bees from poplar trees. Propolis is rich in biofl..
Broncho-munal P capsules 7mg #10
Broncho-munal is used: in prophylaxis of respiratory tract infections. 10 capsules 7mg ..
Immunal drops 50 ml
Immunal (Echinacea) is used as a herb in alternative herbal treatments to treat ailments and problem..
Ribomunyl tablets #12
Ribomunyl is oral vaccine, which forms immune reaction to 4 most often and common agents of airway i..
Broncho-munal P 3,5 mg #10
Treatment of chronic infections of the upper respiratory tract.Chronic obstructive pulmonar..
Polyoxidonium tab. 12mg # 10
Respibron tablets #10
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ADD TO YOUR CART for EMS fast post shipping ..
Timalin (Thymalinum) amp 30mg #10
  Pharmacological properties Adjusts the number and proportion of T and B lymphocyte..
Ascorbic acid amp. 50 mg 2 ml #10


Immunity - the resistance of the human body to foreign substances. It protects the cells of the immune system of the skin and mucous membranes of humans. Immunity is acquired by or for a certain time, or congenital.
Immunity protects our body against various bacteria and viruses. If the body appeared alien cells, it begins with them at once to fight. But in any case, if the immune system is strong, it can be weakened.
The first sign of the weakening of immunity - a tiredness of the body, or sleep disturbance. The second sign - is the presence of sores, and various infections that do not pass by. The third sign is already chronic.
In any case, when the weakened immune system. It needs to be strengthened and receive a package of measures.