Anesthesia medications

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Novocain 0,5% 5ml N10
Novokain is indicated in the following conditions: Infiltrative, conductive, epidural, spin..
Novocain 0,5% 200ml
  Pharmacological properties Local anesthetic agent with mild anesthetic activity an..
Novocain 0.25% 200ml
          Pharmacological properties ..
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Acidum Aminocapronicum solution 5% 100 ml
1 bottle 100 ml         Administered for the sto..
Lidocain aerosol 10% - 38 gr
Lidocaine spray is indicated for anesthesia of the mucous lining. In dental practice and du..
Infesol solution for infusion 500 ml #10
Indications: Parenteral nutrition. 1 bottle 500 ml ..
Dilute ammonia solution 10% 40 ml
Flying substances with irritating action. Dilute ammonia solution at inhalation are applied..
Lidocain 20mg  2 ml #10
Used in different types local anesthesia in surgery, stomatology, urology, cardiology, opht..
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Anesthesia - a condition in which the background to the loss or preservation of consciousness, partially or completely lost feeling and so there is no pain. The word "anesthesia" means the numbness. It can be caused by illness, damage or administration of anesthetics (anesthetic). In common usage, anesthetic called one or the other way to rid the patient of pain in surgical operations. Anesthesiology - the area of ​​clinical medicine is primarily concerned with problems of anesthesia during surgery, as well as the formulation and implementation of resuscitation and the use of anesthetics for therapeutic purposes. Anesthesiologist - a doctor, a specialist in the field of resuscitation and the use of anesthetics.