Miscellaneous medications

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Geparoid (Heparoid) Ointment   30 gr.
Heparoid ointment reduces blood coagulation in the area of inflammation or contusion caused..
Ozokerit 250gr
brick 250 gr ..
Mummyo supp. 0,2gr #10
Use in cases of fractures, contusions, rheumatism, inflammation of the spinal nerves (radic..
Glibomet tablets 2.5/400 mg #40
Glibomet is used to treat uncontrolled non insulin dependent diabetes which is not respondi..
Ozokerit 450gr
brick 450 gr ..
Glucosum for injection 40% 10 ml #10
Treating reactions caused by low blood glucose (sugar)10 ampoules 10 m..
Pantenol D ointment tube 25g
Protects the skin against sunburn, provides relief for existing sunburn, and enhances the natural ta..
Spongilla with a Snakes venomus gel 75ml
Gel possesses active anti-inflammatory, anaesthetising actions. An effective remedy at vari..
Sinapis charta-packet #10
For treatment: bronchits, pneumonitis10 charta-packets..
Turpentine ointment 20g
Turpentine ointment is rapidly absorbed by the skin, which it irritates and reddens, and if long in ..