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Miscellaneous medications

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Ozokerit 1000gr
brick 1000 gr ..
Geparoid (Heparoid) Ointment   30 gr.
Heparoid ointment reduces blood coagulation in the area of inflammation or contusion caused..
Ozokerit 250gr
brick 250 gr ..
Mummyo supp. 0,2gr #10
Use in cases of fractures, contusions, rheumatism, inflammation of the spinal nerves (radic..
Glibomet tablets 2.5/400 mg #40
Glibomet is used to treat uncontrolled non insulin dependent diabetes which is not respondi..
Ozokerit 450gr
brick 450 gr ..
Glucosum for injection 40% 10 ml #10
Treating reactions caused by low blood glucose (sugar)10 ampoules 10 m..
Pantenol D ointment tube 25g
Protects the skin against sunburn, provides relief for existing sunburn, and enhances the natural ta..
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Ventolin nebules 2,5ml # 40
  Active ingredient: salbutamol.     Pharmacological action Ha..