Natural oils and tincture medications

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Peppermint tincture (Menthae piperitae tinctura) 25ml
Peppermint tincture is useful for nausea, colic, travel sickness, indigestion, flatulence a..
Burdock Oil 100ml
Bur oil helps combat itching and dandruff, promotes recovery of skin and scalp irritation, ..
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Pine Oil 30ml
Pine oil is a phenolic disinfectant that is mildly antiseptic. 1 bottle 30 ml ..
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Camphor oil 10% 30ml
Analgesic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, cardiac, carminative, diuretic, f..
Sea Buckthorn Oil 50ml
The preparation is used for local and oral application in the following cases: Radiation si..
Castor oil 30g
Castor oil is used to treat constipation. For an extern use it is used to treat wounds, ulcers, burn..
Tincture of Calendula 40ml
Tincture of Calendula(marigold) is used to treat: Wound healing; Anti-inflammatory; Burns; ..
Cedarwood Oil 20 gr.
Cedarwood oil is considered fortifying and strengthening, being noted as a tonifier of the ..
Valerian Tincture 25ml
Valerian is widely used as a sedative against insomnia, states of nervous excitement, and neurosis.1..
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In the past decade has seen a significant revival of interest in natural therapies, including the significant role played by treatment with herbs, decoctions, tinctures, and infusions. Healing properties of herbs are used, including for the treatment of cosmetic defects.