Neurology medications

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Cerebrocurin  inj 2 ml #10
  General characteristics:     The main physical and che..
Afobazol 10 mg #60
    Mode of action: Active ingredient of the drug - selective anxioly..
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Finlepsin retard 400 tabl #50
Partial seizures with complex symptomatology (psychomotor attacks; uncomplicated partial se..
Novo-Passit solution 100ml
Novo Passit combines the soothing properties of medicinal extracts of Melissa Officinalis,Valerian R..
Vinpocetine ampoules 0,5% 2ml #10
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Bittner Balsam 250ml
mental insanity, mental workload, anti-stress preparate 1 bottle 500 ml ..
Huatuo pills 80 gr
The Huatuo reconstruction pill (HTRP) is a Chinese traditional herbal preparation which has been use..
Phenotropil 100mg (10 tablets) Nootropic drug. Has expressed antiamnestic action activates th..
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Cinnarizine (Cinnarizinum) tablets 25 mg #50
Cinnarizine is used for treatment of Inner ear disorders; Motion sickness 50 tablets (..
Neuromultivit #20
As a supportive therapy in the treatment of neuritides, polineuritides and neuralgias of va..


The nervous system controls our movements, feelings, behavior. Clinical manifestations depend on the location (localization) and the prevalence of lesions. Peripheral nerves conduct impulses from the brain and spinal cord to the muscles of the head, neck, trunk and limbs (movement).
Diseases of the nervous system may occur due to various reasons - trauma, vascular lesions, tumors, and various degenerative lesions, the effects of infections, intrauterine lesion, complicated deliveries, etc. Many neurological diseases are hereditary.