Neurology medications

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Gliatilin capsules 400 mg #14
  Mode of action:   Nootropics. Central holinostimulyator, comprising..
Phenibut tablets 250mg #20
Noofen (Phenibut) is the drug that combines all these properties. It ameliorates memory, in..
Cerebrolysin (inj) 1ml-215,2mg #10
Indications: an ischemic insult, traumatic damages of a brain, a delay of intellectual deve..
Based on 3 reviews.
Neiromedin tablets 20mg #50
For treatment: Adults neuropsychic diseases (neuritis, polineuritis, myasthenia) 50 table..
Sonapax 10mg #60
Sonapax Indication: For the treatment of schizophrenia and generalized anxiety disorder60 tablets 10..
Adaptol 300 mg #20
20 (300 mg) tablets Pharmacological Effects:  Adaptol (mebikar) refers to a gr..
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Finlepsin 200 tabl #50
Partial seizures with complex symptomatology (psychomotor attacks; uncomplicated partial se..
Notta(Нотта) pills #12
  Pharmacological properties. Pharmacodynamics. The drug has a tranquilizing Notta ..
Valerian Extract (Valerianae Extractum) tablets 20mg #50
Valerian root extract is the natural way to unwind, relax and get a good night’s sleep. It contain..
Trental amp 2% 5ml #5
Pharmacological action: The drug improves microcirculation. Trental pentoxifylline contains t..


The nervous system controls our movements, feelings, behavior. Clinical manifestations depend on the location (localization) and the prevalence of lesions. Peripheral nerves conduct impulses from the brain and spinal cord to the muscles of the head, neck, trunk and limbs (movement).
Diseases of the nervous system may occur due to various reasons - trauma, vascular lesions, tumors, and various degenerative lesions, the effects of infections, intrauterine lesion, complicated deliveries, etc. Many neurological diseases are hereditary.