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Enterol packs 250 mg #10
This preparation is used to treat dysbacteriosis, colits and diarrhea 10 packetes 250 mg ..
Hepabene capsules #30
For treatment: chronic hepatitis 30 capsules ..
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Methyluracil tabl 500mg #10
Methyluracil is approved to treat the following conditions: Erosive-ulcerous colitis; Proctosigmoidi..
Famosan tablets 20 mg #20
Prescription Famosan is used to to treat ulcers; gastroesophageal reflux disease; and conditions whe..
Intetrix capsules #20
Аnti-infective agent, local, antidiarrheals 20 capsules ..
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Ornistat combipack #160
Optimal combination of modern preparations for treatment of a stomach ulcer of a stomach and a duode..
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Phthalazol tablets 500mg #10
Phthalazol is used to treat dysentery, colit, enterocolit, gastroenterit10 tablets ..
Bisacodyl tablets 5 mg #30
  Structure and Composition Bisacodyl coated tablets: 1 tablet contains 5 mg of ..
Laminaria Thallus 150 gr
Indications: Laminaria is recommended: Prevention of thyroid gland diseases; Atherosclerosis (lowers..
Romazulan concentrate 50ml
Chamomillae floridis extract1 bottle 50 m..