Stomach, bowels, livers medications

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Quamatel powder 20mg-5ml #5
Quamatel mini (Famotidine) is used to to treat ulcers; gastroesophageal reflux disease; and conditio..
Papaverine 2% 2ml #10
Papaverine is used to improve blood flow in patients with circulation problems. It works by..
Cholagol 10 ml #1
  Cholagol (Holagol) - 1 bottle 10 ml    Drops for oral administr..
Venter tablets 1gr #50
Venter is used to treat and to prevent stomach ulcers.50 tablets..
Acidum lipoicum tablets 60mg #30
50 tablets   SYNONYMS: Tioktatsid, Acidum thiocticum, Biletan, Heparlipon, Protogen, ..
Magnesium sulfate is indicated in the following conditions: The risk of premature labour; Seizures; ..
Espumisan emulsion 40 mg-ml 30 ml
Meteorism or flatulence, Aerophagia, Dyspepsia, Gastrocardiac syndrome. Preparation to diag..
Guttalax drops 30 ml
Guttalax is used to treat constipation and is sometimes used to clear the bowel before medi..
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Neohaemodes 200ml
As the disintoxication remedy in case of: toxic forms of acute gastrointestinal tract disea..
Filmacid suspension 120 mg
Indications: Peptic ulcer, gastric hyperacidity, gastritis with meteorism, belching, flatulance and ..