Stomach, bowels, livers medications

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Famosan tablets 40 mg #10
 Duodenal ulcer therapy and prophylaxis; • Gastric ulcer therapy and prophylaxis;• Conditions c..
Allochol (Allocholum) tablets  #50
Allochol 210mg 10 tablets The drug Allohol consists entirely of natural ingredients: dried..
Carsil (Karsil) tablets 22,5mg #80
This remedy interacts with the free radicals in the liver and transforms them into less tox..
Panzinorm forte dragee #30
Panzinorm Forte has digestive enzymes (also called ferments) that facilitate the digestion of protei..
Hylak forte drops 100 ml
Pharmacological action: Imbalance between the normal and pathogenic microorganisms often occu..
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Bifidumbacterin (Bifidumbacterinum) powder #10
This medication is good for intestine’s microflora 10 doses in vial  ..
Liv-52 tablets #100
Viral hepatitis, Alcohol liver disease, Pre-cirrhotic conditions and early cirrhosis, Prote..
Senade tablets 13.5mg #500
Senna is known as a 'stimulant laxative'. It acts on nerve endings in the gut wall. These n..
Entoban syrup 90 ml
Entoban incorporates an outstanding combination of herbs that have been used for decades to eliminat..
Glycerin suppositories #10
Rectal laxatives are used as enemas or suppositories to produce bowel movements in a short time.10 s..