Cardiovascular medications

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Neoton powder for inf. 1gr. #4
Bilobil capsules 4 mg # 60
Pharmacological action: Biloba - herbal medicine , nutrition improves brain oxygen and glucos..
Tonorma tablets #30
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Venitan gel 50gr
Pharmacological action: Venitan - angioprotektornoy preparation for external use . The prepar..
Venitan forte gel 50gr
Pharmacological action: Venitan Forte - a complex pharmaceutical group angioprotectors . The ..
Venogepanol gel 40gr
Girudoven gel 40 gr
Pharmacological action: Girudoven - venotoniziruyuschee means . Girudoven helps to reduce swe..
Latren solution 0.05% 200 ml
Pharmacological action: Latren - drug improves microcirculation and blood rheology . Active s..
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Normoven #60
Pharmacological action: Active components are bioflavonoids diosmin and hesperidin . As a..


The cardiovascular system includes the heart and blood vessels. Contraction of the heart move blood through the vascular system, thus providing the body with oxygen, nutrients, and freeing it from the decay products. Drugs to treat heart and blood vessels can be divided into three groups.
Medicines for the heart are responsible for heart disease, medications for blood vessels are responsible for diseases of arteries and veins. Preparations for the cardiovascular system is responsible for all common diseases of the cardiovascular system. The causes of cardiovascular disease vary: it may be birth defects, inflammation, trauma, adverse changes in metabolic processes, the violation of the mechanisms that regulate the activity of this system. Accordingly, drugs to treat cardiovascular disease aimed at combating the cause of the disease and the elimination of its consequences. The therapeutic effect is achieved through the main active ingredient, which determines the main pharmacological characteristics of drugs to treat heart and blood vessels. In connection with this assortment of drugs to treat heart and blood vessels are very large. Treatment of the cardiovascular system comprehensively. Typically, drugs for heart and blood vessels in the combined treatment. With the development of pharmaceutical drugs for the heart and blood vessels with each year becoming more and more centrally directed at the cause of the disease. So pick up the drug for a specific disease with minimum side effects is becoming easier.