Antibiotics medications

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Ciprofloxacin tablets 500 mg #10
  Mode of action: For antimicrobial action spectrum ciprofloxacin basically similar ..
Azitromycin caps. 0,25 gr #6
  Azithromycin - an antibiotic of broad-spectrum macrolide - azalides. Active against bo..
Erythromycin tablets 100 mg #10
  Pharmacological action   Macrolide antibiotics. Bacteriostatic action. Ho..

Antibiotics are produced by microorganisms is a chemical that can inhibit growth and cause the death of bacteria and other microbes. The antimicrobial effect of antibiotics is selective: in some organisms, they are stronger on the other - weaker or no effect. And selective effects of antibiotics and animal cells, so that they differ in the degree of toxicity and effects on blood and other body fluids. Some antibiotics are of considerable interest to chemotherapy and can be used to treat various bacterial infections in humans and animals.