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Otolaryngology medications

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Aqua maris spray for throat 30 ml
Sharp and chronic inflammatory diseases of a throat, preventive maintenance of infections d..
Rinofluimucil nasal aerosol 10ml
Used for: Colds, in particular if there is increased nasal mucus production and crusting, c..
Grippostad-Rino nasal drops 0,05% 10 ml
Grippostad-Rino is indicated to treat the following conditions: Acute respiratory diseases manifeste..
Tysine nasal drops 0,1% 10ml
Tyzine Nasal Solution is indicated for decongestion of nasal and nasopharyngeal mucosa.1 bottle 10 m..
Nasivin nazal drops 0,05% 10ml
Nasivin (Oxymetazoline) is used for the temporary relief of nasal (of the nose) congestion or stuffi..
Aqua Maris nasal spray 30 ml
A sterilized isotonic sea water, contributes to support of the normal condition of mucosa o..
Sanorin Analergin drops 0,05% 10ml
Sanorin-Analergin is used to relieve redness due to minor eye irritations, such as those caused by c..
Isofra nasal spray 15 ml
Rhinitises, sharp rinafaringites, sinusitis. 1 bottle 12.5 ml ..
Faringosept 0,01 #20
The drug is indicated in prophylaxis and treatment of infection-inflammatory disease of the throat a..
Nasol 0,05% nasal spray 15ml
Nasol (Oxymetazoline) is used for the temporary relief of nasal (of the nose) congestion or stuffine..
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