Otolaryngology medications

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Otinum ear drops 20% 10gr
Otinum is approved to treat the following conditions: Acute otitis externa; Aggravation of chronic o..
Vibrocil gel 12gr
Treatment of allergic rhinitis and chronic rhinitis 1 tube 12 gr ..
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Sanorin emulsion 0,1% 10ml
Sanorin-Analergin is used to relieve redness due to minor eye irritations, such as those caused by c..
Jox solution 50 ml
Jox is used to treat infectious-inflammatory diseases of the mouth cavity and pharynx.1 bottle 50 ml..
Otipax ear drops 16ml
Pharmacological properties combined drug for local application in otology with a pronounced..
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Vibrocil nasal drops 15ml
1 bottle 15 ml Treatment of allergic rhinitis and chronic rhinitis ..
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Septefril-Darnica tablets 0,2mg #10
SEPTEFRIL is recommended for use in medical practice for prevention and therapy of infectious and in..
Cametonum aerosol 30g
Cameton aerosol, an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agentAerosol cylinder 30 gr..
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