Endocrinology medications

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Sorbit 500gr
Substitute of sugarpacket 500 gr..
Diabeton MR tablets 60 mg #30
Prednisolon tablets 5mg #40
Prednisolon (Corticosteroids) are used to provide relief for inflamed areas of the body. Th..
Thyrozol tablets 5mg #50
Conservative treatment of hyperthyroidism, especially in small or absent goitre as well as in younge..
Iodomarin tablets 200 mg #50
Indications: Profilaxis of disease which are related with the deficiency of iodine. Treatment of d..
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Synoestrolum for injections 2% 1ml #10
congenital amenorrhea, suppression of a lactation in the postnatal period, a cancer of mammary gland..
Euthyrox tablets 100 mkg #100
Indications: Euthyroid goiter; Primary and secondary hypothyroidism; Replacement therapy and prophyl..
Kenalog ampoules 40 mg-ml #5
Kenalog ampoules 40mg (5 ampoules) Indications: Hay fever, asthma, chronic spastic bronch..
Siofor tablets 850mg #60
Siofor (Metformin) is used alone or with other medications, including insulin, to treat typ..
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Kenalog tablets 4 mg #50
Kenalog is a medicine that is regularly prescribed in the treatment of inflammation. This m..


Endocrinological diseases today - one of the most common diseases worldwide. Every 15 years, according to World Health Organization statistics, the number of people suffering from endocrine diseases doubles.