Russia / Kyrgyzstan

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Oak bark (Cortex Quercus) 50g
Oak bark contains tannins which might help treat diarrhea and inflammation 50 gr ..
Folia Farfarae 50 g (Maть и мачеха)
Diseases of the top respiratory ways. Packing 50 g ..
Turpentine ointment 30gr
Turpentine ointment is rapidly absorbed by the skin, which it irritates and reddens, and if long in ..
Propolis tincture 25 ml #1
Propolis is a natural substance collected by honey bees from poplar trees. Propolis is rich in biofl..
Hawthorn tincture (Tinctura Crataegi) 25 ml.
Hawthorn dilates blood vessels in the brain, reduces excitability of the nervous system. Enhances th..
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Motherwort Tincture (Leonurus cardiaca) 25ml
This natural remedy has a general sedative effect; it decreases the excitability of the ner..
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Valerian Tincture 25ml
Valerian is widely used as a sedative against insomnia, states of nervous excitement, and neurosis.1..
Ginseng tincture 50 ml
This tincture stimulates the neurons in the cerebral cortex, improves reflexes, and proves effective..