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Diazolinum dragee 50 mg #20
  Pharmacological properties Pharmacodynamics refers to Mebgidrolin antihistam..
Celanid tablets 0,25mg #30
Sharp and chronic insufficiency of blood circulation30 Tabletes ..
Ethamsylate tablets 250 mg #50
50 tablets Hemostatic medicine, has also angioprotective and proagregantic action. Stimulates..
Doxorubicin for inj. 10 mg  #1
Treatment of leukemias, lymphomas, multiple myeloma, osseous and nonosseous sarcomas, mesotheliomas,..
Sophora japonica 50ml
It has abortifacient, antibacterial, anticholesterolemic, antiinflammatory, antispasmodic, diuretic,..
Dilute ammonia solution 10% 40 ml
Flying substances with irritating action. Dilute ammonia solution at inhalation are applied..
Biosporin powder ampules 1 dose #10
  It is effective in acute intestinal infections; Normalizes the composition of micr..
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Blessed Milkthistle oil 200ml
Traditionnaly it help to protect and rejuvenate the liver (hepatitis and alcohol or chemica..
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Ethamsylate (Etamsilat) for injection 12.5% amp. 2 ml. #10
10 ampules 2 ml Hemostatic medicine, has also angioprotective and proagregantic action. Stimu..
Phthoruracil-Darnitsa 5% ampoules 5ml #10
Phthoruracil injection is indicated in the palliative management of some types of cancer, i..