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Ignatia-Homaccord® is an excellent homeopathic remedy for those suffering from depression ..
Nebilet tablets 5mg #14
Nebilet(Nebivalol) is used to treat the following conditions: High blood pressure (essentia..
Traumeel C 2,2 ml #5
Traumeel S is used for treatment of the following conditions: Temporary relief of pain caused by art..
Amaryl tablets 3mg #30
Amaryl tablets 3mg (15 tablets 2 blisters) Amaryl is a sulfonylurea used to treat diabetes. ..
Sinupret drops 100ml
For treatment of acute and chronic inflammation of the paranasal sinuses1 bottle 100 ml..
Contrykal powder for solution #10
Treatment of such disease as: Pancreatitis, Pancreonecrosis, Prophylaxis of acute non-speci..
Isoptin tablets 80 mg #100
Isoptin (Calcium channel blocking agents) affect the movement of calcium into the cells of the heart..
Traumeel C ointment 50g
Analgesic. For the temporary relief of symptoms, including mild to moderate pain, associated with in..
Espa-lipon 600 mg #30
Lipoic acid can inhibit formation of arterial lesions, lower triglycerides, and reduce bloo..
Mirapex tabl 0.25mg #30
MIRAPEX treats the signs and symptoms of idiopathic Parkinson's Disease.30 tablets 0.25mg..