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Diazolinum dragee 100 mg #20
  Pharmacological properties Pharmacodynamics refers to Mebgidrolin antihistam..
Activated Charcoal (Carbonis activati) 250 mg #10
  10 tablets 0.25gr     Activated charcoal (Carbo activatus) P..
Papaverine 10mg #10
Papaverine is used to improve blood flow in patients with circulation problems. It works by..
Herba Leonuri (motherwort) 50 g
or treatment: vascular dystonia, essential hypertension 1 box 50 gr ..
Derinat drops 0,25% 10 ml
The preparation Derinat has a wide spectrum of biological activity on a homeostasis of the ..
Aevit capsules #50
Aevit (50 capsules) Aevit - vitamin complex, it has anti-oxidant and immunostimulatory effect..
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Lydaza amp 64 IU  #10
Increases permeability of capillaries10 ampoules..
Impaza tablets #20
The preparation is indicated in treatment of the following conditions: Impotence; Erection ..
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Herba Bidentis 50 g
As anti-inflammatory and antiallergic means at various diathesises and pustular skin diseases.1 box ..
Syringe (enema) 2 litres
A syringe with a hollow rubber bulb and a cannula provided with a check valve, used to obtain a jet ..
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