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Pantocrin extract 50mg
Pantocrine quickly improves energy level, helps to build muscular strength, stamina, increa..
Dibazol tablets 20mg #10
The preparation possesses a direct myotropic (papaverine-like) action, with a vasodilating,..
Zveroboy (St.-John`s wort) 50g
Herbal remedy, mainly for the treatment of depression. 1 box 50 gr ..
Arbidol 100mg #10
  Mode of action: Arbidol is an antiviral drug that has a ingibiruyushee (inhi..
Liferan (Polyphepanum) powder 250 gr
The preparation is indicated in treatment of: Acute and chronic disease of the Gastrointestinal trac..
Tetracyclin 1% eye ointment 3gr
  Pharmacological action   Broad-spectrum antibiotic. Bacteriostatic ..
Mammoleptin capsules 320 mg #60
Mammoleptin is used to treat mastopathia60 capsules 320 mg..
Riboksin (Riboxin) 0,2 g. #50
Riboxin is indicated in: Complex treatment of coronary heart disease; Poisoning of cardiac glycoside..
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Sbor jelchegonniy 50g
Cholecystitises, hepatites.1 box 50 gr..
Immunomaxe for injection 200MO #3
Enhancer of natural immunity. Indications: Bacterial and viral infections3 bottle 200 units..