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Meksidol for injections 50 mg  5 ml #5
Light cognitive disorders of different genesis 10 Ampules 2 ml 5 % ..
Verapamil hydrochloride tablets 80mg #50
Verapamil belongs to the group of medicines called calcium channel blocking agents.50 tablets 80 mg..
Herba Origani 50 g.
The infusion is recommended as cough-drop for chronic bronchitis. It helps to improve the a..
Anaferon #20
20 tablets Anaferon - homeopathic medicine. It is used in secondary immunodeficiency of vario..
Acidum lipoicum tablets 60mg #30
50 tablets   SYNONYMS: Tioktatsid, Acidum thiocticum, Biletan, Heparlipon, Protogen, ..
Chernika Forte #100 (Bilberry Forte)
“Chernika-Forte” is known to be a complex vitamin containing bilberry anthocyanins, daily doses ..
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Hexicon solution 0.05% 100 ml
Chlorhexidine possesses antiseptic properties against Gram-positive and Gram-negative inclu..
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Raunatin 2mg #10
Raunatin is indicated for the treatment of high blood pressure(hypertension), abnormal heart rhythm(..
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Sbor grudnoy 50g
Infectious diseases-inflammatory of the respiratory ways, accompanied cough.1 box 50 gr..
Yellow turpentine emulsion 200ml
Yellow emulsion is used at the high pressure. A layer of natriolienate and sodium ricinate covers th..