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Asparkam (Asparcam) tablets #10
Potassium-magnesium combination used for cardiac arrhythmia. 10 tablets ..
Pantohamum tablets 250mg #50
50 tablets ..
Drotaverine tablets 40 mg #10
Drotaverine is an antispasmodic agent with smooth muscle relaxant properties.10 tablets 40 mg..
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Valerian Root 50gr
Valerian root has been used for anxiety, restlessness and sleeping problems (insomnia).&nbs..
Arbidol-Lans tabl 50 mg #10 (imunnomodulator)
  Mode of action: Arbidol is an antiviral drug that has a ingibiruyushee (inhi..
Methyluracil tabl 500mg #10
Methyluracil is approved to treat the following conditions: Erosive-ulcerous colitis; Proctosigmoidi..
Anuzol suppositories rectal #10
Anuzol is indicated to treat hemorrhoid and anal fissures. 10 suppositories rectal ..
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Mastodynon solution 50 ml
Normalizes the estrogen-progesterone balance 1 bottle 50 ml..
Erinit tablets 10 mg #50
Chronic intimate insufficiency (in structure of complex therapy), a stenocardia (preventive..
Sbor mochegonniy 50g
Inflammatory diseases of a bladder and uric ways.1 box 50 gr..