Russia / Kazakhstan

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Agrimony ordinaria 30 gr
At diseases of a liver, kidneys, rheumatism, skin diseases, feverish conditions.Packing 30 g..
Lactobacterin supp. #10
Lactobacterin dried is used for treatment of adults and children from their first months of life wit..
Paeoniae Tincture 50ml
neurasthenia, anhypnosis, depression 1 bottle 50 ml ..
Novocain 0.25% 200ml
          Pharmacological properties ..
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Nicotinic Acid amp. 1% 1ml #10
Pharmacological action: By building close to the nicotinic acid nicotinamide . Nicotinic ..
Gemmae Betulae 50 g.(Pochki berezovie)
The birch species are used in folk remedies for abdominal and mammary cancers and carcinoma..
Burdock Root 50g
Effective in cleansing the bloodstream, easing pain from arthritis, and treating gout, rheu..
Rhodiola rosea (Krasnaya shetka) schetka 25
Rhodiola rosea is applied at potentiality easing, barreness (man's and female), sexual coldness, inf..
Tilia cordata (Lipa) flowers 35gr
Tilia cordata flowers are a traditional herbal remedy (linden flower tea), considered to be of value..
Folia Menthae piperitae 50 g. (Mята)
Used to treat morning sickness, nausea, and spastic complaints of the gastrointestinal trac..