Suprastin 1 ml ampule #5

Suprastin 1 ml ampule #5
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Pharmacological action:
Antihistamine . Blocks Hi- histamine receptors .
Indications for use :
Allergic diseases ( dermatitis , rhinitis , conjunctivitis, angioedema , initial stages of asthma , etc.).
Method of application:
Inside while eating 0,025 g 2-3 times a day , and in severe cases - intramuscular and intravenous 1-2 ml of 2 % solution. Children, depending on age appoint 1/4-1/z-1/2 tablets 2-3 times a day.
Side effects:
Drowsiness, weakness .
Not appoint a drug during transport drivers and those professions that require a quick response . Should not be administered to patients with glaucoma and suprastin hypertrophy ( enlargement) of the prostate gland .
Pills to 0,025 grams in a package of 20 pieces; ampoules of 1 ml of a 2 % solution in a package of 5 pieces.
Storage conditions :
List B. In the dark spot .
Before using the medication Suprastin you should consult with your doctor. This operating instruction is given a free transfer and is intended solely for information. For more information, please contact the manufacturer annotations .

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