Claritin tablets 10mg #7

Claritin tablets 10mg #7
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Pharmacological action:
Claritin - antihistamine selective H1- receptor blocker . The active ingredient of the drug - loratadine , a tricyclic compound . Upon receiving the 10 mg ( one dose ) or multiple doses of the preparation on the basis of skin tests for histamine ascertained that expressed antihistaminic effect develops within 1-3 hours and reaches a peak in the range from 8 to 12 hours after onset of action . Antihistaminic effect lasts throughout the day. There was no development of resistance , even while taking the drug for 28 days . In studying the effect of the drug on the QT interval in electrocardiographic study used a dose of Claritin , 4 times the dosage sredneterapevticheskih drug for 90 days . In this clinically significant increase in the interval on the ECG is not fixed.
Hepatocytes metabolized by the enzyme CYPZA4 to desloratadine . To a lesser extent in meabolizme veschestvap participates isozyme CYP2D6. Eliminated in the bile and urine. The half-life of loratadine - from 3 to 20 hours ( about 8.4 hours). Half-life of a metabolite of desloratadine - from 8 to 92 hours (average - 28 hours ) .
Indications for use :
• For seasonal ( as well as year-round ) allergic rhinitis genesis for the relief of symptoms of the disease (itching nasal mucosa , sneezing, runny nose , itching and burning of the eyes );
• allergic skin diseases , including urticaria (including for children from 2 years of life) .
Method of application:
The recommended dose for children over 12 years, and older adults is 1 tablet (10 mg), 1 night
The recommended dosage of Claritin for children 2-12 years - half a tablet (5 mg ), subject body weight not exceeding 30 kg. At a mass exceeding 30 kg, recommended adult dosage of Claritin .
In case of violation of hepatic or renal function starting dosage Claritin should be 1 tablet a day ( creatinine clearance less than 30 ml / min) .
Side effects:
The frequency of the following side effects while taking Claritin does not differ from that of placebo .
Digestive system ( reported in adults ) : nausea , dry mouth , gastritis , and in rare cases - hepatitis.
Immune system ( reported in adults ) : anaphylactic reactions (rare ) , and rash .
Central nervous system : fatigue , headache, drowsiness (adults ); sedation, nervousness, headache ( in children is rare) .
Skin reactions : in adults with rare cases of alopecia.
• Intolerance of loratadine or other ingredients Claritin ;
• duration of breastfeeding ;
• up to 2 years .
pregnancy :
Assigned to pregnant women only when absolutely necessary . In experimental studies have not revealed teratogenic effects on the fetus . Claritin active substance and its metabolite ( descarboethoxyloratadine ) fall easily into breast milk , the concentration of these substances in breast milk is at the level of the plasma content. Therefore, in the appointment of lactating women breast-feeding should be discontinued.
Interaction with other drugs:
Combination with cimetidine , erythromycin, ketoconazole , and causes an increase in plasma concentrations of loratadine . However , this does not lead to clinically significant changes in ECG .
Palpitations , pain in the head , drowsiness in adults. Similar symptoms developed only when a significant excess dosage Claritin ( 40-180 mg versus 10 mg recommended ) . When receiving children weighing up to 30 kg dosages greater than 10 mg, developed extrapyramidal disorders , and tachycardia . To remove Claritin from the gastrointestinal tract used gastric lavage with isotonic sodium chloride solution, administered adsorbents . Treatment - supportive and symptomatic therapy . Not eliminated from the body by hemodialysis. Information about the ability of peritoneal dialysis is not.
Claritin tablets
Tablets of 10 mg prepacking 7 ( blister packaging ) . The tablets are white or almost white , marked the figure "10 " on one side and the trademark of the manufacturer ( bulb and bowl ) - on the other , are at risk on one side.
Storage conditions :
Shelf life of tablets - 4 years. Store at 2-30 ° C. Claritin is approved for sale without a prescription.
Claritin tablets
Active substance ( 1 tablet ) Loratadine (10 mg).
Excipients: lactose, corn starch, magnesium stearate .
To avoid distortion of the results of skin tests , they performed no later than 2 days after the last dose . Revealed no amplification effects of alcohol while taking with Claritin .
Before using the drug Claritin , you should consult your doctor . This operating instruction is given a free transfer and is intended solely for information. For more information, please contact the manufacturer annotations .

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