Dexamethasone eye drops 0,1% 5 ml

Dexamethasone eye drops 0,1% 5 ml
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Mode of action:
Glucocorticosteroid hormone (a hormone of the adrenal cortex that affects carbohydrate and protein metabolism), with a strong anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties (35 times more potent than cortisone).
Indications for use:
Circulatory collapse (sudden drop in blood pressure): shock during or after surgery, trauma, blood loss, myocardial infarction, burns. Severe infections: toxemia (presence in the blood of toxins - substances that can cause illness or death of the organism), circulatory collapse (sudden drop in blood pressure) for meningococcal disease (meningitis - purulent inflammation of the meninges), septicemia (blood poisoning form of micro-organisms), diphtheria , typhoid fever, pneumonia (pneumonia), flu, peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneum), eclampsia (toxemia of the second half of pregnancy). Emergency allergic conditions: asthma status (prolonged attack of asthma is not curable patients commonly used drugs), laryngeal edema, dermatitis (skin disease), acute anaphylactic reaction (allergic reaction of immediate type) to drugs (including antibiotics) , transfusion serum, pyrogenic reactions (fever).
How to use:
In the acute phase of the disease and early treatment of the drug is used in higher doses. Upon reaching effect reduced dosage every few days until the maintenance dose or until discontinuation of treatment. Dosing regimen is individual. In severe cases, and in the beginning of treatment used to 10-15 mg per day, maintenance dose may be with 2-4.5 mg per day. When asthmatic status and acute allergic diseases can be used 2-3 mg of dexamethasone per day for a short time. In the treatment of adrenogenital syndrome (dysfunction of the adrenal cortex, is accompanied by increased secretion of the male sex hormones), the dose should be chosen depending on the allocation of the 17-ketosteroids in urine. Usually the effect is achieved by the appointment of 1-1.5 mg. Average daily dose of 2-3 mg divided into 2-3 doses. In the treatment of small doses of drug administered once in the morning.
In the dark spot.
Dexamethasone is also part of a combination product maksitrol.

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