Dicynone amp. 250 mg - 2 ml #5

Dicynone amp. 250 mg - 2 ml #5
Dicynone amp. 250 mg - 2 ml #5
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Pharmacological action:
Dicynone relates to agents acting on the cardio - vascular system. Antihemorrhagic means . Suppresses vascular wall splitting mucopolysaccharides ( antigialuronidaznaya activity) , thereby normalizes permeability during pathological processes . Hemostatically also acts by increasing the rate of formation of the primary thrombus ( effect due to stimulation of tissue thromboplastin ) . No effect on prothrombin time and has no hypercoagulable properties. Onset of action - 5-15 minutes after injection administration, and for 1-2 hours after oral administration. Duration - 4- 6hours . ePosle course of drug treatment effect lasts for 5-8 days.
Indications for use :
- Used to prevent and stop parenchymal and capillary bleeding in the surgical treatment of otolaryngology ( tonsillectomy , ie removal of the tonsils , microsurgical operations on the ear , etc.);
- Operational ophthalmology in keratoplasty , cataract and glaucoma treatment ;
- Dentistry during surgery when removing cysts , extraction ( removal) of the teeth ;
- Operative gynecology ;
- Emergency surgery to stop intestinal and pulmonary hemorrhage , in neuroscience - in progressive ischemic stroke ;
- Hemorrhagic diathesis and blood disease .
Method of application:
- For prevention is administered intravenously or intramuscularly 1 hour before surgery 0.25-0.5 g or in tablet form 2-3 tablets ( 0.5-0.75 g ) 3 hours before surgery;
- In the postoperative period , if necessary, shall be appointed by 0.5-0.75 g per injection or 1.5-2.0 g in tablet form , spread equally throughout the day ;
- In case of emergency is administered intravenously or intramuscularly 0.25-0.5 simultaneously , then continue therapy every 2-3 hours to 0.25 g ;
- With diabetic microangiopathy of the retinal vessels ( capillaries specific lesion of retina ) prescribe a course of 2-3 months. Dose of 0.25-0.5 g orally 3 times a day ;
- In gynecology for the treatment of the subway - and menorrhagia (specific uterine bleeding ) prescribe a course of 1.5 g per day, evenly distributing the dose over 5-14 days.
Side effects:
Nervous system: headache, dizziness , paresthesia (abnormal sensitivity) lower extremities.
Gastrointestinal tract : nausea , heartburn, feeling of heaviness in the epigastric region .
Cardio - vascular : blood pressure reduction system , reddening of the skin .
- Thrombosis, thromboembolism , porphyria .
- Hemorrhage and bleeding caused by an overdose of anticoagulants.
pregnancy :
Use of the drug in pregnancy is permissible only when the benefits of its application to the mother outweighs the risk of possible complications to the fetus.
In appointing ditsinon lactation should temporarily stop breastfeeding.
Interaction with other drugs:
Dicynone pharmacologically compatible ( syringe) with other drugs .
Cases of overdose ditsinon not known.

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