Encefabol (Encephabol) suspension 200 ml

Encefabol (Encephabol) suspension 200 ml
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1bottle 200 ml

Encephabol - nootropic agent. The drug improves the pathologically reduced metabolism in the brain tissue, which is associated with increased uptake and metabolism of glucose, the exchange of nucleic acids, as well as increased release of acetylcholine and activation of cholinergic processes. 

Encephabol stabilizes cell membranes and improves their function by suppressing the activity of lysosomal enzymes and prevent the formation of free radicals. Encephabol improves blood rheology, which is associated with an increase in the elasticity of red blood cells, increase ATP content in the membrane of red blood cells and increase blood flow.  Encephabol improves mental performance, improve memory, enhance learning ability.

Symptomatic treatment of chronic disorders of the brain in dementia syndromes with the following major symptoms:

Impaired memory, unability to concentrate and think, lack of incentives and motivation, affective disorders. Primary degenerative dementia, vascular dementia and mixed forms. Symptomatic treatment of chronic disorders of mental health. Post-traumatic encephalopathy. Cerebral atherosclerosis. The consequences of encephalitis. Mental retardation, tserebrastenichesky syndrome, child encephalopathy.

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