Hylak forte drops 100 ml

Hylak forte drops 100 ml
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Pharmacological action:
Imbalance between the normal and pathogenic microorganisms often occurs with antibiotics , inappropriate diet, gastric surgery . Hylak normalizes the pH, which promotes the growth of beneficial intestinal microflora and suppressing the growth of pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms . The composition includes a biosynthetic hylak lactic acid, which normalizes the secretory function of the stomach, which improves digestion and inhibits the growth of pathogenic organisms. Included in the preparation waste products of lactobacilli , coliforms and streptococci have a beneficial effect on the mucosa of the small and large intestines and restore its normal microflora . Hylak promotes acidophilic microflora , which is an antagonist of salmonella, so the use of the drug may in the complex therapy of Salmonella infection for faster eradication of the pathogen.
The drug has no systemic effects , as it is not absorbed into the bloodstream , acting only in the intestinal lumen .
Indications for use :
- Violation of the normal intestinal microflora , due to antibiotics , malnutrition, operations on the stomach and intestines , the effects of radiation ;
- The treatment of chronic diseases of the digestive system ;
- Syndrome of non-ulcer dyspepsia ;
- Malfunction of the digestive system due to climate change (such as " traveler's diarrhea ");
- Treatment of diarrhea, flatulence , constipation ;
- Colitis, enteritis, gastroenterokolity various etiologies ;
- Reduction of the secretory function of the stomach , including during pregnancy;
- Allergic diseases such as acute ( urticaria) and chronic (eczema );
- State after infectious diseases , including young children .
Method of application:
Drops Hylak take before or during a meal , previously dissolved in a large amount of fluid (except milk ), 3 times a day.
The drug is dosed according to age :
- Adults and children from 12 years - 40-60 drops ;
- Children from 2 to 12 years - 20-40 drops ;
- Children from birth to 2 years - 15-30 drops .
Once the condition improves recommended dose reduced twice.
Side effects:
Very rarely possible allergic to components of the preparation .
Idiosyncrasy of one of the components of the drug .
pregnancy :
Pregnancy is not a contraindication to the use of the drug Hylak .
Interaction with other drugs:
Not desirable to use simultaneously with antacids as possible neutralization of lactic acid , which is part of the drug Hylak .
In overdose shown only medical supervision .



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