Solcoderm ampoule 0,2ml #1

Solcoderm ampoule 0,2ml #1
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Solcoderm ampoules 0,2ml (1 ampoule)


Group Affiliation:
Local necrosis of tissues
Description of the product brand name:
Dosage form:
solution for external use
Pharmacological Effects:
Combined medication. Application on the skin leads to an immediate life-time fixation and subsequent mummification of pathological tissue. Skin becomes dry and becomes dark as a result of mummification. In a few days mummified scab disappears itself  without scarring.

Local treatment: common warts, plantar warts, genital warts, seborrheic keratosis, radiant keratosis, nevus (if confirmed as pure).

Hypersensitivity, skin cancer, malignant melanoma, other skin tumors with suspected malignancy, freckles and keloid scars.

Side effects:
Burning, itching, transient redness of skin around the treated surface. Deep burning - depigmented spots, scars.

Apply on the skin using an applicator, after pretreatment with ethanol or ether. Depending on the size, thickness and location of the lesion, it may be required as from 0.05 to 0.1 ml. When processing dense keratinized skin lesions may be useful to remove cornified layer. Skin lesions with a diameter larger than 10 mm are processed only when there is certainty that they are superficial. At the same time allowed processing no more than 4-5 areas, and it must not exceed 4.5 sq. cm.  Within a few days after treatment the affected area becomes withered, dark-brown crust and looks mummified. If mummification during the first few days is regarded as unsatisfactory, then the process can be repeated. If necessary, treatment of a large number of skin lesions may require multiple sessions with breaks of about 4 weeks.

Special instructions:
Applies only with the help of a doctor or specially trained personnel. If a severe local reaction around the treated area appeared, you can use creams that contain corticosteroids, or anesthetic cream. When washing try to avoid heavy rubbing of the treated area. Do not allow removal of eschar doing hair or using tools. Scab should fall off on its own in order to avoid disfiguring scars. Until being healed, you should avoid direct sunlight or UV-irradiation. Be particularly careful when handling skin lesions located on the border with mucous membranes or around the eyes. In case of eye contact or contact with healthy skin, should be washed off quickly with plenty of water or weak alkaline solution (1% sodium bicarbonate)

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